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Wake Up Naija Lyrics Out Now!!

Wake Up Naija Lyrics

 Verse 1
"With my hands on my chin and my mind far gone,reminiscing bout my country and what chances we got fifty yrs and more yet we got nothing on us nothing to be proud of even the oil is lost| youths wandering about lyk dogs who lost their way unemployment joblessness now d order of the day hunger so severe God snd manna i pray and cos am tired of this whole shit thats why i say.
Wake up Naija(wake up) we've taken enough of this already for so long we can't be going thru pains and feign strong its tym we wake up speak up tellem what we want
Oh oh oh oh oh yeah yeah not this kinda change we wanted(x2)

 Verse 2
Yeah we put them up there to actually pave us a way but reverse is the case all they want is the pay lovers of them own selves enriching thier own lives while most masses out here can't even afford the good life
Oh why...why u leaders being just so corrupt?
Oh why...why we living lyk we in a warfront?
Oh why...why u letting people die from assault? Oh why...why u letting herdsmen take prey on us?
Say we running from terrorism yet another one is rising and u letting close your eyelids and u acting lyk its nothing tribalism ethnicism the main shit that we been facing in this country called Nigeria all these gotta resolve,resolve yeah or in no time we making a revolve we together still together so come together now in love give unity a chance first step to our problems being solved for the betterment of Naija yeah u know we all involved | united we stand so lets give each other a hand for the future unborn yeah we should be making amends preserving our lands and if things ain't going as planned we the giant of Africa hope y'all understand (Yay) cos even great rome wasn't built in a day not even two it was step by step gradually they grew u gat no clue how big we can be sooner than soon and cos i know we can be anything thats why i say.

Wake up naija (wake up) we've taken enough of this already for so long we can't be going thru pains and feign strong it's tym we wake up speak up tellem what we want oh oh oh oh oh not this kinda change we wanted (x2)

Our girls still in captivity people fear insecurity,how we gonna live now what we gonna do?
Ethnicity eating us up,people run from rumours of war how we gonna live now yeah e yeahee
oh oh oh oh oh(yeah yeah)not this kinda change we wanted(x2)

 Verse 3
Wake up wake up my dear Naija wake up its nvr too LATE we headed for the fucking top 
Unite in love unite in love do away with the HATE so we can all go up cos the cancer of ethnicism imbrues our national character it taints the spirit blots the soul makes our national love grow cold and when its cold we cant do ryt cos our thoughts will be centered on us alone which aint ryt cos d real change begins from us at home we gotta change d way we think choices we make d way we liue actions we take and most importantly the way we treat each other equality before the law maintaining law and order not just within Nigeria but across every border 
And let this be known political apathy be blown far away from our lives and individual homes cos its our involvement in voting that's gon bring us real democracy our own govt our own leaders the Nigeria we all wanted WAKE UP!"

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