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Benue Youth Storms Stadium With Fire And Water For Cleansing

Benue Youths Storm Aper Aku Stadium with Water, Fire to Cleanse Buhari’s ‘Bad Luck’
Youths from Benue State on Wednesday stormed the Aper Aku stadium in Makurdi (the state's capital) with broom which was accompanied with a lit of fire to ‘cleanse’ the venue of the All Progressives Congress presidential rally. 

President Muhammadu Buhari and his delegates were in Benue State, as part of their state-to-state campaign tour ahead of the February 16 general elections.

The angry youth said Buhari and his team came to the state with bad luck, and such luck needs to be wiped away, as the only remedy was to was the stadium where he stepped his feet.

The youths, in their hundreds, were seen running round the stadium with burning fire and chanting victory song.

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