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Atiku Abubarka Vows To Grant Amnesty To Fund Looters

I Will Consider Amnesty for Looters, Says Atiku
The People’s Democratic Party’s Presidential candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, has said he will consider granting amnesty to looters willing to return the stolen public funds back to the federal government.

Speaking on Wednesday at a town hall programme, ‘The former vice president said the recovered loot will help develop Nigeria’s economy and restructure the new system which he wants to develop.

The host of the programme, Kadaria Ahmed asked: 
Will you consider amnesty to people who have corruption cases and say bring some money and we will go on from there?”

Atiku in his response said amnesty will be considered while citing its success at Turkey. He explained that the need for expedited action in development and the delay in the justice system makes the amnesty deal a wise choice.

Why not? It worked for Turkey. 
Turkey gave amnesty and all the money abroad came back. 
The government said that if you bring the money, there is not even taxation. 
We want you to invest in manufacturing, technology and real estate. 
Look at Turkey today. It’s like any other European countries in terms of development. 
They drew a line. Why not, we can consider it.”

He argued that the delay in the judicial system might precipitate a law review involving the National Assembly and the judiciary.

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