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Balloon d'or Winner Revealed As One Long Time Winner Missed Spot

The winners of the Ballon d'Or, to be announced next Monday (4th December),

Those who were already winners, have been given a call each as they have been informed that they have won the prize for 2018, as reported by NF TV

"The news of the winners is made with a simple phone call. The winners have been made aware by me, I phoned them, they asnwered and so they knew, in the most clear way," assured Ferré, in a chat between the magazine and some of its readers.

As well as the winner of the Men's Ballon d'Or, he also informed the winner of the female award and the victor of the U21 prize, which will be handed out for the first time this year.

Ferré divulged that the reaction of the winners was "emotional for the most part."

Cristiano Ronaldo,Luka Modric, Antoine Griezmann, Kylian Mbappé and Raphael Varane are the players who received the most votes he said, and are the selected players to appear on the front page of 'France Football' this week, when the keenly awaited award will be announced

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