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Osun State Governor Claims He Doesn't Collect His Salary

Osun Governor Aregbesola 'Did Not Collect Salary' for Eight Years in Office.
The outgoing governor of a Osun state in the south-west part of Nigeria says he has not been paid a salary during the eight years he spent in office as he served the state.

The state governor Rauf Aregbesola told an audience that he needed no money because the state fed him, transported him and gave him accommodation which he thinks was enough for him.

Nigerian officials expenses have been the talk of the country recently, after it was revealed that senators are entitled to receive expenses of over 13 times more than their present salaries.

The out going governor said that Nigerians would be even angrier to find out what money governors had access to as he concluded that they lack access to funds in the country. 

One social media user mused whether Mr Aregbesola thought he was "talking to underaged sucklings", 

while another asked
"How did that ease the suffering of the common man?"

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