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Rabbi Gives Reason Why He Snubbed Donald Trump

Rabbi Gives Reason Why He Snubbed Donald Trump. 

A Jewish scholar from Pittsburgh's Tree of Life synagogue said he won't meet with President Donald Trump, who is heading to the city on Tuesday in the wake keep of those who were massacred at the house of worship this weekend.

Rabbi Jeffrey Myers was among those who escaped the gunfire that killed 11 persons on Saturday morning.
He was happy at first that the president was going to come, which he also said that the president was welcome.
But according to him, since he made that statement he has "received a lot of email ... [from people who] are not happy with those words which came out from him.

He said :-

"The thing that saddens me is those emails also contain hate, and it just continues in this vicious cycle.
That's just not the solution," Myers said. "We need to be better than this."

"I have no plans at this time for any involvement" with Trump's visit, Myers continued.
"My attention will be with the family. I have a funeral, and I must tend to their needs."

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