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Girl Who Thanked God After Disvirgined Changes User Name

A girl who goes by the name Ajose Iyanuoluwa who was reported earlier to have gone onto social media to announce and share the story on how she lost her virginity.

As her post read, she was feeling okay and was thankful after she was disvirgined by her boyfriend which she claimed to have enjoyed every moment which she had on bed with him.

After she posted this on her timeline:-
"Thanks God for the guy who dis virgin my virginity today God's blessing him anyway
Now am a woman #Olori virgin ## wicked virginity## "

Various  blogs picked the news as it went beyond social media to become a home talk. 

The girl has been frustrated as she insisted on deleting the post, but it was late as her post has gone viral over the internet.
This lead to further frustrating as she went further to change her facebook name this afternoon.

 Before Her Post She Was Answering "Ajose iyanuoluwa"

But just after the post and lots of frustration, she decided to Change her facebook username from "Ajose iyanuoluwa"  To 
"Cici Akanke Gold Diamond" 

What do you think about this Girl's action?? 

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