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Girl Gives Thanks To God After Loosing Virginity

A girl who goes by the name Ajose Iyanuoluwa is making the rounds on Facebook and all over social media after she posted that she felt okay and was thankful after she was disvirgined by her boyfriend. 

Her post reads:-
"Thanks God for the guy who dis virgin my virginity today God's blessing him anyway
Now am a woman #Olori virgin ## wicked virginity## "

This has caused stirs of question, curses and insults as several other social media user's proceeded to her facebook account to take a look at the post.

The girl has been frustrated as she insisted on deleting the post, but it was late as her post has gone viral over the internet. 

Specticulations have been going over the internet as it is beloved that she did that out of carelessness because she just wanted to get famous just as the previous girl "Hor Lar Shugar" stormed the internet with her 7 bed and one Parlour story.

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What do you think about this Girl's action?? 

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