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The Truth About The Nigeria VS India 99-1 Match

We have always lived with a myth, every average Nigerian must have heard this story. 

We as Nigerians have always believed that there was a match played between Nigeria and India were India were winning the match and Nigeria needed just one goal for them to be declared victorious. 
With India winning with a margin of 99-0, the Nigeria players were given a chance to win if only they score one goal. 

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At the event of the match, A Nigerian player "Samuel Oparaji" scored the one goal which made Nigeria win the match. 
The moment "Samuel Oparaji" scored the goal,  he fell and was rushed by the medical department which wanted to treat him,  but he was dead. 

He died inside the stadium just because he scored the goal and this made FIFA to bann India for 100 years. 

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