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Who Do You Think Enjoy Sex!!! A Guy Or A Girl ??

Its All About S*x!! Here Since You All Want To Kniw About It.

Well, this question have really been a question that people tends to argue about.
When you walk through the streets, you see were different people talk and argue about this question.

The Reality About This Question Is Simple.

During sex, two parties are always involved a Guy and a Girl.
Below is the question of a guy and he answered the question which
 meant girls enjoys sex the most as they hardly forget that scene where they morn for the pleasure sex.

“To me, I think ladies enjoy and think more about sex.. A guy can sleep with 5 ladies and he forgets about it the next day.
But a lady keeps remembering the sex she had especially if she reached her orgasm. That thought may go on in her minds for months if not years, that’s why you hear a lady scream her Ex bf name when another guy is drilling her.
Secondly, Ladies seems to take break up or cheat so hard because the guy has had sex with them countless time especially a newly dis virgin-ed girl can go to the extent of cursing the guy unlike a newly dis-virgined guy take it as a normal thing.”

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