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Prostitute Disgraces Lekki Big Boy For Not Paying Her After Service

Drama as a prostitute disgraces “big boy” who refused to pay her after service, yesterday, at Chevvvy View Estate, Lekki, Lagos.

What A Drama at Lekki as an unidentified prostitute disgraced a Lekki based big boy for not paying her the agreed fee he was to pay her after rendering the service of S*x to him.
According to her the both parties agreed on a N30,000 for a night deal which she rendered to the guy until he was satisfied. 
She gave him all the style he requested for and gave him the once he never knew just to make sure she satisfied the want of the Lekki big boy on his bed.

She Spoke: I dont know why all this guy, especially the lekki once are just to greedy.
He meet me on the road and asked me for a service which i agreed on, we went on to bargain a price and now i am done satisfying him and he just dont want to pay me for what i gave to him. Right know i have the right to do anything to him because he is a debtor.

At the scene everything was funny as he held the guy on his white shirt screaming which made people gathered t know what was going on between both parties. 

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