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Men Only: 10 Sign's She Needs You In Bed

As Men we know when we are in the mood we just want to rush, pull of our pants, take off our shirt and start the action that we have always imagined.

Just wait yet! If she isn’t ready to take off her clothes, don’t make a costly mistake of pushing her! cause its just going to end up in a disgusting way as she might hate you for life because you made her did what she never wanted to do.

But in the life of girl's, this is a different life style as the have to take time looking at you, knowing you better unlike the "Men" that dont just want to know much about you but want to get a girl on his bed.

  1. She Ignites You Sensually By Wearing Sexy Clothes

This is one of the most common signs, as most girls wont let you know by telling you because they feel its not a legal way of life.
But Just the dressing alone is going to tell you all she has on her mind, it means she's giving you a green light.

         2. She Invites You To House For No Reason

Its Rare to find a girl that will invite you to her house because you cant just stay at her house doing noting.
Most Times when she invites you to her house it means she just want you.
She feel's her house is the best weapon she can use in telling you what she have been hiding inside of her. When she needs you, she wont just tell you "Orally" because she might be shy or something else. So to her inviting you to her place is the only thing she can do best.

     3. She Thinks And Answer Deeply Every Question You Ask Her

Most guys don’t have the confidence to ask open-ending question like “What have you thought about your future?”, or “where would you want to spend your vacation?” etc.
You Have to ask her open-ended questions and hear her response. 
If she thinks and answers deeply, there are high chances that she is into you because she just cant stop having the thought of you on her bed.

      4. She Gets Closer To You Each Time You Talk To Her

When ever you talk to her she just draws closer to you making you both very tight without  a single space.
This is a sign that she wants you as she keeps drawing her self to you just for you to see her face and what she has on her mind.
If she is getting closer to you, like putting her head on your shoulders, touching your bicep muscles, or simply closing the physical gap even when you are sitting together, it is a clear signal that she wants to sleep with you.
As women start developing confidence, they will eventually start showing sensuality and closeness as time moves on. Her shyness would sooner or later go away and she will start feeling comfortable discussing about sex openly with you. When this happens, it means that she wants to have you no matter what it takes.

      5. She Take's Deep Breath Whenever She See's You

This one is something difficult to fake because its too obvious. If she is heavily breathing, it means that she really is turned on. 
The more she shows interest in you, the more her heart rate starts rapidly increasing. As you spend more time with her and you start noticing her rapid breathing, it means she is willing to sleep and have sex with you

       6. She Licks Her Lips Time Without Number's

This is another habit that's  difficult to fake. When girls repeatedly lick their lips  in front of you, it is a guaranteed sign of them to be with you in bed.
Guys usually get turned on after watching women licking their lips time and again because its a direct green light which no one needs to tell you about.

       7. She Wants To Be Touched, Hugged And Kiss

Men often get aroused too quickly, but women? Don’t even think about it! As it was stated earlier, they are complicated beings. They need a lot of time. 
They want a lot of cuddling, hugging and kissing. Over time when she is continuously dating with you, she will show you subtle signs of getting intimate with you. 
This necessarily doesn’t mean sleeping with you, but obviously, it is the first step of making love in the bed. Kissing women opens the doors to sex as its a part of romance which very hard for a girl to over come. You can talk to her as much as you want, but unless you kiss her, she will stop showing interest in you.

        8. When She Keeps Sharing Her Personal Life With You

Women only  share their personal life story and history with you only if you gain their confidence levels. 
This will happen with time after you show your interest in them. One of the clear signs that she wants to sleep with you is that she starts taking interest in you and in turn, shares her personal story too.
Every minutes she keeps telling you about her life story just because she has given you her trust and she's confidence in you.

      9. She May Pretend Not To Love You

This have always been the hubbies of girl's as the keep pretending as if they never love you because the are just to shy to tell you how much they love you.
They love you though but they cant just tell you.
Most time's they just want you to prove to them how much you love them that's the reason why they keep pretending.

     10. She Will Start Sex Charting With You

 Apart from Hey ?, Whatsup ?, How Was Your Day And the others.
She will start sex chatting with you without fear because she knows what she wants from you.
Actually this is the perfect sign that she needs you, she will start asking you questions like
What are you wearing ?
Have you ever had s*x ?
How many minutes do you last in bed ?
Whenever you see her naked what's the first thing you will do.
All this are the kind of question's she will keep asking you.
Once she starts asking you this kind of questions Dude!!!! this is a green light that no one need's to tell you.

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