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Facebook Lady who is dating 3 guys at once seeks advice.

28-year-old lady who is dating 3 guys at once seeks advice.

A lady known as Oby Chuka Omalicha recently asked for help on the popular Igboist group on Facebook seeking advice from the members of the group. 
According to the lady, she has been dating three men for two years and two are about to propose but she doesn't know what to do. 
She added that she is confused and can't figure how to choose the best spouse for herself. She also added that she loves the three men and this got people more confused on what to debate for.

She wrote:

"I have never been this confused in my entire life, kindly read to the end and advice me sincerely. 
Please don't tell me to pray or go for deliverance, I know that already, I just need practical advice. 
I am 28 years old, I have been dating these 3 guys for 2 years plus, I am not an ashawo cos I don't even sleep with 2, I only sleep with one.

I just don't want to put all my eggs in one basket cos you never know who would turn out to be an a*shole. So everything has been OK untill recently, as if they planned it, the 2 guys that I do not sleep with started asking questions about my people, how they do marriage rites, 
if I would like to marry them and so many questions suggesting that a proposal is probably on their minds. 
And the way this is going, if I don't make up my mind soon, I will not be able to say yes or no if any of them proposes, I like them differently for different reasons. 
Please help me to decide, what really matters most in marriage, should I test them with one of my girlfriends to see who really loves me? What do I do please? No insults please I will be reading comments."

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