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Six Types Of Girl's That We Cant Live Without

Here We Are Going To Talk About Six Types of Girls.

In life, there are different type of people which we are about to discuss.

Girls are really different from each other as most of them seems crazy in their way of life.

Probly Nigeria girls are really the berst, i know most of you guys wont agree with me that they are they best6 when it comes to way of life.

in nigeria we have three types of girls which their culture and tribe differbtiate them

Here are the six types of girls we have in Nigheria.

1. The Monetary Type.

This once mostly the (igbo's) are just girls after your money as all they kinow or want from your is just money.

they tend to break up easily once you go broke.

They are easily brain washed with the money language, once you take them out maybe to an eatry or to a resturant the first thing they do is to order for food,

drinks, snacks and still some take away's.

Most of them are beautiful though.

2. The Sex Freak Type.

Everything about them is you being with them on bed. They just cant stay without sex as everytime they stay with a guy.

Imagine when you go six rounds with a girl, will you survive this kind of girls ??

Although some guys out there still orefare this kind of girl's, they are one of them best though.

3. The Airtime Kind Of Girls.

when you see this kind of girls, My Brothe Runnnnnn!!! For your life ooh!!!.

This Girls are so good at demanding.

Everytime you see them they will just go on and tell you that they are broke.

"Always broke" thats their slogan.

They cant just call, they always flash expecting you to call them.

Buy them a recharge card and my brother i bet you they will fall that minute you bought them the airtime.

4.The Fashion Type Of girl

This are those girls we always here about, most of them are models as they love outfits more than anything on earth.

All they know is going out, both online and offline looking for the latest designs and wears.

5. The Selfie Freak Girls

OMG!!!. This are the "Slay Queen's" we always here about, were every they are you see their camera on.

Always ON that you hardly see them without a phone.

This kind of girl got no worries as all they worry about is updating their social media accout with pictures to show to their friends.

Most of this girl's are beautiful and photogenic

6. The Loving And Caring Type.

Wow!! this kind of gils are every man's dream girl as they dont bother about anything but just you.

Givig a guy their whole heart is wht they know how to do best as they dont chet, lie or do what's going to hurt their guy.

This kind of girls are usually rich as they dont lack finances or any material thing.

All they want is just your love, showing them you truly love them is just what they want to see from you.

Mhen!! Girls are really the best thing that can happen to you as they are probably the reason why we (GUYS) always smile.

Which Of Them Do You Prefare ??

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