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Lucky Dube A Music Icon

A Genius Who Can't Go Off Our Mind 📌

When You Hear Those Reggae Beats And Sound You All That Comes On Your Mind Is This Music Icon ''LUCKY DUBE''. Who death stole from us.
Lucky was really an Icon In the music industry, from his first Hit ''Slave'' to his Back to My Root, Different Colours, One Love, Prisonier.
Lucky Dube was a Man that His songs Touches the heart..
When you listen to those beats you know there is more to music, the Emotions, The tears Drop and lots More.
A man who died of Murder, in 2007 after he just droped his children during the holidays.
This Icon Lucky Dube will forever be rememberd. 🕹

The Special Thing About Lucky Dube ☀. 

Lucky Dubem really had something different that other reggae artist never had, he had this unique voice that gives inspiration. His songs motivates you to the extend that you feel like crying.
If there was a man the world will wish to get back, then it's no other person than lucky DubeDeath 💀 they say is a thief, is really a thief since he stole lucky dude from us all (The World 🌐) . His songs still sells among different countries around the world even though he died 11years ago. 
His legacy will keep living on. 
#Rip #Lucky Dubem 😂.. Forever remembered 🌺

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