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Ronaldo The God Of Football ?

Cristiano Ronaldo As A god Of Football.

Cristiano Ronaldo Is The Current Fifa Best Player And Also The Current Balloon d'or Holder. 
His Current Balloon d'or Made Him The Highest Holder Of The Award (5)  (something He Shares With Leo Messi). 

But Is He Really The god Of Football ? 
This Question Have Really Made Fans Go Crazy. This Question Is Currently The Most Argued Question In The World Of Football . His Long Term Rival Leo Messi  Is The Reason Why There Is A Doubt If Ronaldo Is Really god Of Football That We See. 
Leo Messi Is Actually One Of The Best, The Way He Plays Makes Fans Go Crazy. 
Most Fans Sees Him As One Who Was Naturally Gifted With Football Skills. While

They See Rolando's Success As Something That Come's With Hardwork. . .
But Is The Case Of Ronaldo Really True ? The Answer Is NO.
RONALDO Is Really Hard Working But It Doesn't Meant He Isn't Gifted He Is Someone That Loves Being Fit That's Why He Keeps Going To The Gym All Day.

Talent Vs Hardwork ? (Leo Messi vs Cristiano  Ronaldo).
This have always been what most people says About this Rival Between  Cristiano Ronaldo And Leo Messi. 
But I don't think it's True. . 
What's Talent Without Hard Work ? Its Nonsense, it's True That Cristiano Trains More Often But That Doesn't Mean That He Is Not Talented. 
There Is Always One Thing Ronaldo Does That Messi Can't Do. 
Its Changing The World Of Football. 
When Rolando Was At Sportings He Chaged Every Single Thing About Sporting, The Fans Of Sportings Never Wanted The Young Ronaldo Go.
Manchester United Ex Coach  Alex Ferguson Once Said: This Boy Is Something Else,Everyone In The Dressing Kept Talking About Him I really Think He Is The Best . .


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