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Chelsea Falling???

Chelsea have been cleared to proceed with plans for the new stadium.

Chelsea Have Been Cleared By Hammer Smith And Fulham Council To Proceed With The New Stadium.

  The clubs plan have been made to build the stadium since may after a local family took out an injection. The plan have been made since may, but they finally agreed to build the stadium.
A right to light is an easement  that gives a Landowner the right to give light that's it.
Chelsea however won the premier league which no body saw them going close to it.
But this season they planned on doing more than just a premier league title.

Chelsea Crisis Now Increased 

Chelsea have been having crisis between them,  especially the boards and players. 
They have really gone down this season by playing woefully. 
They won the Barclay premier league and intended doing more 💰. 
But this season the have gone down.
After being eliminated from the champions league by the Barcelonains, they started having difficulties to win matches. 
No clean sheet. With them sitting on the 6tg table and only present 🎁 in the Fa Cup final which they will play with Manchester United. 

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