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PSG Retired Player Slams The Club For Lack Of Replacement

Motta Slams PSG for Poor Long-Term Planning
Thiago Motta has slammed Paris Saint-Germain management for their failure to bring up replacements for him and Zlatan Ibrahimovic in a timely manner.

Motta who played 166 games for the French giants before retiring at the end of the 2018 season, said that the club were alerted to his plans in plenty of time to secure a replacement.
But with no alternative brought in last summer and the plight of Adrien Rabiot having left the club short on central midfield options, Motta has hit out at their lack of future planning.

He Said :-
"It was something you had to think about and plan on beforehand.
The club knew I was going to retire, it had to be organized, whether it was regarding my departure or any another player, but that comes from the organization and the ability to project ahead in the future of the club.”
The 36-year-old says the same issue also popped up in Unai Emery’s first season in charge at PSG during the 2016-17 season.

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