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Maurizio Sarri Does To Carry On With Play Style

Defiant Sarri Vows to Carry on Playing His Style
Maurizio Sarri has no interest in changing his approach after a downturn results which he got during the winter period, and he thinks that with patience, he can create a Barcelona style of play at Chelsea FC.

Chelsea's 4-0 loss to Bournemouth has seen them drop out of the top four and has led to a period of new tactics for the Blues boss, who opted to drive home alone to analyse the match quickly, rather than take the team bus.

A barrage of criticism has hit the FA Cup winners as they suffered their worst defeat for 22 years, leading to a 50-minute inquest between Sarri and his players.

Sarri Told Reporters At Cobham Training Ground:-
It's not my problem [if the club culture is impatient].
"I want to remain the same man. 
If I am a dreamer, I am a dreamer.
If I have fun with my football, I want to play my football.

"If I believe that the organisation in a team is everything, I cannot change my mind. 
I don't think [anything would change my mind], at the moment. 
I can change my mind in the future, I don't know. I changed in the past. But, at the moment, no.

"If I can change the mentality of these players, they are really very suitable for my football. 
I think that my job is always at risk, and I love my job for this reason. I thrive on pressure. 
So I love my job for everything, but I know very well the rules.

"My job is always at risk. You can win against City, but after three days you are at risk.”

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