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Chelsea Coach Reveals How Hard It Is In Dressing Room

Sarri Admits He Could be Losing Chelsea Dressing Room
Chelsea boss Maurizio Sarri has claimed that he is not sure whether his players are still with him after his side's 2-0 loss to Manchester United in the FA Cup on Monday.

“I think [the players are still with me]. Of course, I am not sure, but I think so," Sarri said after at a press conference held after the game. 

"I think the situation with the players is really very good for the relationship, but the relationship is not so important.
It's important to play, it's important to get good results, but my relationship with my players is good at the moment.”

Sarri also talked about the frustration he gets at the lack of fight his players showed, a criticism which he has levelled at them in their previous loss to man city.
Maurizio Sarri Said :-
“We need all to improve because I am not able to get out of my players a very high level of aggression and determination.

He defended his side's performance as a whole, however, saying that his team were 'unlucky'.

“I think that, with the result, we were unlucky," 

"In the first half we played better than the opponent and, at the end of the first half, it was 2-0 to them. "Then in the second half, it was really very difficult to play because they are a really physical team and defended very low, compact. 

So we played confused football in the second half.

But, in the first half, we played well. We need, of course, more aggression, more determination in the situation inside our box, and inside the opposing box.

Because the difference was there, we played 78 balls in the opposing goal, and United played only 16 into our box, and it was 2-0. That was the difference.”

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