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Akwa Ibom Government Set To Launch 1st Airline

Akwa Ibom to Launch Nigerian State-Owned Airline

Nigeria governor, Akwa Ibom´s state governor has announced his plans to launch Ibom Airline, which will serve as a state-owned airline, the governor said on a statement released yesterday.

The governor said that Ibom Air would ensure the state remains a destination of choice for foreign investors and business owners as that will bring lots of interest to the state as it will lead to fast development.

Obong Victor Attah International, a state-owned and operated airport, has a category 2 runway with work progressing on second taxi way.

Ibom Air service is expected to begin with two aircraft, with a third aircraft expected to be added to the fleet by February 2019 as the governor plans to make the state a recreational place which will serve as a place of tourism.

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