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Almighty Wapka Finally Shut Down It's Server

The moderators of the giant WAP/Website building site (Wapka) has shut down their Wap hosting service as the closed and shut down their host on Monday. 
Wapka, which popular known by it’s long URL Wapka.Mobi started around 2007 as it conquered many Wap hosting services then. 
Due to lack of patronage, the moderators decided to end the supplication of service to it’s user due to insufficient fund to run hosting dues/charges for the platform.

Ever since the creation of android, the Wap hosting Service lost its value, as most people no longer visits the platform to create a website due to it lack of upgrading.
Wapka gained audience when it came out newly as it best fits the Java and Symbian series of phones. 

Before the shut down, the moderators of the Wapka platform passed a message to it webmasters. 
And this message issued warnings if closure and deactivating of all websites hosted on the platform.

It Message Reads :-
Dear wapmasters,
Because unable to afford expensive server costs, we are really sad to inform you that we are planning to shut down WAPKA service. 
We will reserve some days to let you back up and export your data. 
The date is arranged like this, FM/CM/VM uploading service will be shut down on 15th Sept, the entire service will be shut down on 15th Nov.
Please note that the data will be deleted permanently after the service shut down, you will be unable to sign in Passport as well. 
So please sure to handle the data properly before the end time coming.
We are appreciated all the effort you paid in WAPKA. 
Thanks for your brilliant creations. Thanks for your whole supports. 
Because of you along the way, we can be so wonderful. 
Lasting bless you.
If any questions and problems, please feel free to contact us via email”

After the date stated above came, the Giant Web service had no option but to shut down all their servers and left a message for everyone.

It's Messages Read :-
Dear wapmasters, Thanks for your company and support on Wapka in the past! You are the soul of Wapka. But all good things must come an end. Now we have to shut down the service, really sorry! Wish you all the best! Thanks again!

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