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Read And Watch How To Drink Very Fast

Today We Are Going To Show You How To Rush A Drink. 

Most times people who don't know how to drink fast tend to loose a competition which are opened for those who can take a drink without stopping.

There are alot of competitions in Nigeria these days where good and hit prizes are been won.
Guess what, the only way you can win one of this prices is if you can take a drink very fast.

Below Are Steps And There Is A Video Attached To It.

1. Consider Your Breathe Intake 

Make sure that you can breathe. If you are drinking from a bottle, leave a small gap between your upper lip and the top of the mouth of the bottle.

This will allow air to flow past the mouth of the bottle.
If you have an air source other than the inside of the bottle, then you won't need to pull the water source away from your mouth to take a breath.

2. Determine The Temperature Of The Drink. 

A drink that is too cold will cause your throat to contract, making it harder to drink as quickly as you would like.
While a drink with normal temperature will flow freely with your throat, making it easier to drink.
Once the drink is cold, just put in your tounge at the top of the bottle and drink it in a sipping manner.
With these techniques, you can drink very fast.

3. Check If A Straw Is allowed

You have to check if a straw is allowed.
Using a straw to drink is the fastest way as the drinks goes with speed.

The video below is gonna show you how to drink with a straw. 

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