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ABB Promise To Build Robotics "Factory in China

ABB To Build First Robotic Factory In China 

Coming soon to China: A factory where robots will build robots.

Swiss giant company  ABB Group plans to build a $150 million "Factory of the Future" in Shanghai, it said in a statement released on Saturday. 
According to its statement, It will become the most high-tech robotics manufacturing site on the planet. 
The plant is yet to open in 2020 after which they would have poured all $150 million in the project.

ABB Robotics will be the company that produces industrial robots that can be moved to other factories to take on tasks like building cars, assembling electronics or making food.  
The Shanghai factory will host artificial intelligence research, and humans will work alongside robots to make all this come true.

The company's already made YuMi robot, a two-armed headless device designed to work with people, will be use on the factory floor ground to make the work easier.

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