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Top Nigerian Musicians That Own A Private Jet

Top 5 Nigerian Artist That Owns A Private Jet 

The Nigerian entertainment industry wealth has grown so much that top artist gets much money from sold out shows and events, sponsorship deals from different money gaint companies and mobile telecommunications.
While some celebrities prefer to fly first class planes, others have shown they’d rather enjoy the comfort of flying to overseas shows via private jet which they also can buy or rent.

Here we will take a look at celebrities that have traveled severally using private jet.
And most importantly we will give you details of those who own the private jet which they use for traveling.

6. Wizkid

Nigerian popular singer Wizkid  has been flying private jets since the early days of his music Career, he had the privilege to fly on air as his former record label boss, Segun Demuren was is into aviation business. This gave the Star boy the opportunity to board any type and class of planes and jets he wants.
Wizkid recently took Nigerian top rapper Phyno alongside him as they travel privately for the 2017s MAMA award which was held in South Africa.

5. Davido

Davido, like Wizkid has also been flying private since the beginning of his music carrier.
The Aye crooner's father owns a private jet so all he requires was just a permission to fly to his next destination. Although recently the omo baba olowo took on his social media handle to announce that he was lunch in his new private jet, and he just did that in the early days of August.
Davido now owns a private jet which means he will no longer depend on his father's private jet to fly around.

4. Don Jazzy

A don stays true to his name. Don Jazzy rarely travels to other African countries in commercial airlines. The hit maker is seen above flying to Mauritius in 2013. Don Jazzy flies private jet so much even his new artistes have been spotted alongside him in jets.

3. Tiwa Savage

Tiwa Savage is pictured above in an Afri Jet as she traveled alongside her husband for a show shortly after they traveled. 
The singer is one of the most successful female artist in Nigeria, as she is often called the queen of Africa music. With her millions of dollars, she buys anything and fly's on any plans she wants. 
She have been pictured many times flying on private jets as she pays for the services of a private jet. 

2.DJ Cuppy

DJ cuppy has been enjoying the wealth of her billionaire father just like Davido. 
DJ Cuppy just wrapped up her Cuppy Takes Africa tour which she travelled around Africa for the tour. During the tour, the 22 year old DJ traveled most west African countries using her father’s (Femi Otedola) jet. A luxury, which many have dreamt of. 


Although the singers appeared to have slowed down on the lifestyle, due to the fact that the duo singers are no more together, they both share the same private jet which they bought some years back. We expect them to be fully back to it the next time they embark on an African music tour as they will be using their private jet to go round the world. 


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