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How To Increase Your Phone RAM

You Want To Increase Your Phones RAM ?

When you've had a smartphone for a while it can start to feel slow, and RAM — random access memory, which is where your phone stores its stuff as it's using it — can be part of the problem. 
If your phone doesn't have enough RAM it can slow down, but there are ways to address that. 
You can even create extra RAM without cracking the case or reaching for a soldering iron.

What is RAM (Random Access Memory)?

We all learnt about this in our school and it was discussed in a brief talk as what your device uses when it's doing something right? . 

For example, if you are editing a picture both the picture and the application you're using to edit it are in the device's RAM; when you finish editing the photo is then saved to your device's storage (memory) so it can't get lost.

The more RAM you have the more faster your phone becomes. 
So for example, When your RAM is high, and their are more apps running on your phone or more system features doing their work your phone speed won't get any limit as the RAM size is capable of handling the activities on your phone.

The problem with RAM is that it isn't always empty properly, and apps don't always behave. 
Some apps and system processes run when you don't need them to, and others don't clean up after themselves when they quit. 
After a while, those issues can produce noticeable results such as slow performance, lagging and stuttering, and the odd crash and this is the most annoying part as your phone keeps hanging that you feel like trowing it away.

Like internal storage, RAM is a physical component of your device so you can't just stick more in. 
What you can do, though, is use it more efficiently or use some clever tricks to create RAM from other kinds of storage.

RAM — in this case is physically limited in every device. 
Unlike PCs were you can buy another RAM just to upgrade the RAM of your PC so it can be faster, you can't just stick more memory into your phone or tablet because the RAM is kind of strict.

How To Increase Your RAM Without Root Access

Now that you know ​​what RAM is, we'll show you how to protect it. 
In this first part, we focus on the tips for non-rooted devices which you have on your phone.

For those devices, you can't magically add more memory, but you can make better use of what you've got. 
As a rule of thumb, the more your phone is running an application, the more the RAM is being used, so if you can reduce what's running on your phone, you can free up more memory for the tasks that really Matter when you're using your phone.

1. Limit Widgets And Live Wallpapers

Widgets and live wallpapers are both usage when it comes to RAM usage as they both consume the RAM of the phone making the performance slow. . 
Many refresh often and occupy bandwidth, while some are continuously active. 
This can also cause your battery to drain faster as the operations that are carried on your phone are much. 
So remember to limit the number of them in effect to optimize your current available memory.

Animated wallpapers can take up a lot of RAM.

2. Disable Applications

Some applications take up RAM even if they aren't currently being used, so you're getting all the downsides of unnecessary RAM use without anything to show for it.
You should learn how to organize which apps should and should not be running in the background of your phone, but it's worth it to improve your smartphone performance.

To disable an application, go to Settings of your phone and then Application Manager. Next, go to the All tab to get the list of all the applications currently on your device.

To disable an application, tap on it, then tap Disable and confirm. 
Be careful not to disable everything and anything, unless you want to end up with an unstable system, but most apps that don't come pre-installed on your handset are pretty safe to disable (or delete entirely if you never use them.

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